Farm Heroes Apk ( Unlimited Lives)

Farm Heroes- is a popular puzzle game on the Android platform. There are hundreds of levels where you have to complete puzzles. This game is similar to Candy Crush Saga, but this game has different powers: the tasks you want to do. Do you have limited steps to clear the area or do you need to start over?

This game is very compatible with all Android devices. This lightweight game loads fast for good performance. It has colorful graphics with great animation and visuals. This game is a puzzle, because this game has no candy you ḻaḻa, game? Collect points by combining the same fruits and vegetables in a puzzle game. You can see a level map where you can see that this game has 100+ levels.

The game also has a multiplayer function, where you can play with your Facebook friends. You can call your friends to find out who can complete the first level. The higher you get, the harder the game becomes. Let’s talk about the main features of this game.

General information

Heroes Saga immerses players in hundreds of levels with delicious strawberries, slow carrots. Initially, each player is given five hearts equal to five lives. If we lose our purpose, we lose our heart. Otherwise, it takes five minutes to get another heart if the player loses five hearts. The first task is to combine three cells of the same type. If you are familiar with the game of cross-linking type, you can’t forget the tasks that need to be done at each level.

Farm Heroes Saga is a game with easy actions. It’s easy to play but hard to win, especially at high levels and high difficulty levels. Players can also experience additional special tables every two weeks. In addition, it provides base access to compete with friends and players around the world. You can also sync Farm Heroes Saga on your mobile device and unlock all features when connected to the network.

Background Information

If you’ve ever loved Candy Crush Soda Saga, you can’t help but look forward to Farm Heroes Saga, the King’s farm shop game. Through a diamond -shaped puzzle screen, players must save their animals and their farms through hundreds of unique mental levels.

King released two free versions of Farm Heroes Saga for Android and iOS. Previously, to play on computer, you could enjoy the game Farm Heroes Saga on Facebook. But now, with the BlueStacks emulator, players can download all Farm Heroes Saga onto their computer to make the game easier to play.

Compared to the mobile version, Farm Heroes Saga in BlueStacks has a larger screen, more stable connectivity, and easier operation. Bad cats destroy farms, loot crops, and run away. Players travel alongside farm shops to collect produce and save unknown lands. Conquer hundreds of levels in a three -match diamond game mode in Farm Heroes Saga.

Magic beans:

This game has some special powers that you can use to clear the level more effectively. Gather all kinds of fruits and vegetables before moving: it takes time. In this game, everything is limited regardless of his movement or time. If you want to clear the level, you have to be fast. When the time is up, you need to restart. You can win magic beans by completing levels. The magic bean allows you to activate the Farm Club in this game. This game is very interesting. There are so many different magic things you can get by level clearing.

Easy to play

This game is very easy to play, but also challenging. There is no strict control in this game. To solve the puzzle, it is enough to increase the level of fruits and vegetables of the same color. There are so many challenges. After completing each level, you can play 100+ levels. It has a hero mode so you can complete the level ahead of time and get more points. Each level has limited steps: you need to be more careful to complete the level quickly.

Invite friends

If you want to play this game with your friends, connect it to Facebook – start playing against your friends. You can call your friends to see who can turn off the level ahead of time. You can also make new friends. Play with friends, win stars, win other rewarding prizes. It has farm animals – special forces that will help you get high scores in a short time. This game receives regular updates from the developer. New levels are added to this game. Play Acre or Lucius Level every 2 weeks.

Special power elements

Farm Heroes – There are many levels to play this amazing, the difficulty of this game increases as you clear the levels. Some levels are very difficult to clear, but this game has a few special powers: things you can easily use to clear levels. To overcome difficult puzzles, you can use special elements to find challenging games in puzzles. In this game you can get more with coins. Special Forces make the game more fun and exciting.

Play for free

Playing Farm Heroes is absolutely free, you don’t have to pay for anything. However, there are some interiors that you can buy for real money. Download this game now Home Full Puzzles Challenges

How to play Farm Heroes Saga?

To complete the collection of agricultural products, you need to identify the products of that type as you rotate the positions so that we can list them. Just tap, touch and re -place the left, right, top and bottom. With each successful arrangement, you will harvest the fruits in equal quantities. If you add up to four or five in a single row, a weird result will appear and help you get more results.

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