GBWhatsApp APK Install (Updated) August 2021

GBWhatsApp APK Install (Updated) August 2021

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With the version of GBwhatsapp apk, you can now use Whatsapp with new and advanced features and experience countless comforts. It is a popular application that comes with extra elements and advanced mechanisms.

Nowadays the use of mobile phones has become common, because in which you find lots of interesting apps that provide you comforts in various ways. In which the most appealing application among users is Whatsapp. It is the source of offering fun and sharing unlimited data. Moreover, it contains different stunning features.

But now, it comes with a more advanced form; in its latest version, users can get leisurely use of amazing elements like changing themes, setting online status, hiding double, and using Whatsapp accounts, etc.

Not all this contains privacy elements though you can select people of your choice in terms of knowing about you. So after installing this latest version, players can obtain elements. And get to relax after using its amazing features.

gbwhatsapp apk

Features of GBWhatsapp apk

For the popularity of applications, features play the leading role. Meaning to say apps are incomplete without the unique and advanced elements. Now we discussed the features of this app in detail.

1. Filter message

This app contains an option through which you can clear your chats easily. Not all this it also filters all your messages. And it is an amazing element of this app that creates more interest in users.

2. Auto-reply

Another stunning element of this application is the auto-reply. It allows you to reply to your friends any time when you want with great connectivity.

3. Broadcast text messages

With this app, users can send broadcast text messages to their groups. It is a beneficial element that you can have after installing the advanced version of this application.

4. Install statuses

It is an attractive feature for users in terms of installing statuses. Meaning to say, you can install the levels of other people who are in your contact. These are the great features of this app.

5. Hide your status

This app also provides you another comfort regarding hiding your voice recording status. Meaning you can hide it by using this version of Whatsapp.

6. Comfort with DND

It is a handy feature of this application that permits you to turn off the internet connection. Meaning to say when you are using another app, and are disturbed by the appearance of WhatsApp messages, then users can disconnect the internet connection.

7. Mark the unread messages

Through this advanced application, you can mark unread WhatsApp messages easily. And it is an influential element in terms of doing other work on your Android mobile.

8. Other outstanding elements

This application comes with numerous outstanding elements that support you in performing different activities. With this app; you can share your live locations in beat quality. Moreover, it provides you endless comfort in sending maximum themes, pictures, and sharing videos. It contains a distinctive font, and you can change it in your style.

About the GBWhatsapp apk

A wonderful application that contains countless elements now comes with more advanced features. In the modern era, the use of Whatsapp has become common. There are different kinds of apps that exist, but there is no match with this app.

Now you can use its latest version GBWhatsapp APK which is updated with countless new functions and features. It is a popular Android application that provides endless comforts in different ways of using this application.

Moreover, it brings amazing features like auto-replay, mark unread messages, send broadcast text messages, hidden and install statues, etc. Not all this, through app users will be able to send to countless videos and text at a time. You can select all the text messages at a time.

In its advanced elements, you can get comfort in terms of using another app on your smartphone. A DND is an option through which you can disable an internet connection regarding disturbing Whatsapp messages.

Moreover, it contains individual fonts and provides you a message history of your revoked messages in your contacts and groups. And you can also send many revoke messages at a time. Overall it is an excellent source of providing numerous options through one platform.

Overview of the GbWhatsapp apk

Name GBwhatsapp Apk
Size 44.3
version Latest version
Android version 4.3 above
Root required No root required
Updated on Two days ago

Guide about installing and installation

The process of installing this application is quite simple; users need to understand the basic steps. Then it will be easily available on your mobile. Now we discussed the simple steps of its installing process.

  1. For this application, storage space is the essential factor.
  2. Users need to open the settings section and then move to the option of security.
  3. From there, enable all unknown resources from your mobile.
  4. After this, install the GBWhatsapp Apk from the given link.
  5. After the installing process, you shall view the installation page.
  6. Then click on the install and wait for the process of application.
  7. Finally, the app is installed, now you can enjoy it with unlimited features.

FAQS about the App

1. Is there any difference between the official and versions of this app?

Both have the same working mechanism in sending messages and sharing videos, but the main difference is that GBwahtsapp comes with advanced features and more functions. And users can get access to unlimited comforts by using this latest version.

2. Can we hide and install status with this version?

Yes, it is a great feature of this app that provides you the leisure of installing other people’s status and allows you to hide your voice recordings. So users can enjoy this element by installing this application.

3. Is it possible to view deleted messages with this version?

Yes, through this version, you can view the deleted messages if you are a user of Facebook WhatsApp, then you can view the deleted conversion with the help of this Improvement version.

Final verdict

Use your favorite application with more advanced features and lots of comforts by acquiring the improvement version of GBWhatsapp Apk on Android mobile. It is a unique app that provides you the leisure of enjoying numerous things through one platform. It contains amazing fonts and lots of interesting features. Hopefully, you like the game and article.

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